Trash Teddy & the Trench Tries

Lawnblaster Life

l wii abaut öss

This is semicommercial nowave nohairdryer surround endtime realtime freestyle funkhardcore. please listen very very carefully!

D 2 4 U R:

fresh stef - trash teddy

a very special guy, indeed: does all the good musical stuff, now supported by an atari computer. and, additionally, his son mario is becoming a great musician rather than a simple assistant and fan of ffff. before 1990, stef played with «coupon», the most important group frauenfeld ever had.

ernie k - trench try

definitely the lazy guy of the bunch. and when he takes his guitar or his voice, he’s always «too leaslig».
before 1990 he maintained the solo project «kosmos», the most important unknown project frauenfeld’s ever seen.

Silent voices

“The best that can bloom you!”

“A railway-breaking work...”

“According to the sad ad, these fad lads

must be badly mad!”

“Diese Typen sind noch nicht ganz TÜV-geprüft! Finger weg vorm Nichtkauf!“

“Das ultinaive Kochbuch auf MiniDisc!”

“The best band you’ve never heard.”

“They don’t know what they do – but

they do it extremely well...”

Credits & debits

We two poor dinners (armi znächt) want to communicate following stuff to you:

Very special (“it’s very very special...”) thanks to our families and families to be, who still allow us to produce what we need.

Thank God that we are allowed to exist and have fun with our sound sounds.

Säncks to David Hasselhoff for not singing.

Thanks to Mario & his babysitters. Und an alle, die wir täglich auf der Datenautobahn überholen.

Hello to the Liverpool Music Academy (always in paul position).

Support your local tape dealer by öss.

Porridsch (#11)

1 Tasse Haferflocken in 3 Tassen kochende Milch. Lange kochen und rühren. Prise Salz. Zucker und Zimt nach belieben. Sollte für zwei Personen reichen
(z.B. für Trash und Trench).
Have a good one!

Kial kuras vi? (#5)

vi kuras kuras kuras
rapide kien ajn,
urgxas kiel freneze
cxien, ien ajn.

la kravat’ cxirkaukola
preskaù sufokas vin.
kial do vi kuras?
la morto kaptos vin.

vi veturas kaj veturas
aute per centokdek,
sed kiom vi akcelas
vi ne povas eskapi la mort’.

ho ja nu ek diru do:
kio kurigas vin?
cxu avid’ havemo
je verdaj paperbilet?

servanto de la mono
obeanto de l’sistem’,
ligita al kurento,
sed ne regas vi vin mem.

mil radoj devas turn’i,
ho povra neniul’,
vi kredas esti centro
sed estas vi nur nul.

vi formalßparas vian vivon
por stultaj sensencajx’.
kial ne trankviligxi
kaj ekkoni homec’?

vi vivas ja jam longe
sed mankas io nur,
cxu iam vi vidis
la belon de l’natur’?

ne povas vi eskapi
eskapi je la mort’.
konsciu ja pri tio:
gxi estos multpli fort’.

vekigxu tuj karulo
vi ’stas en iluzi’,
la vivo tro mallongas
por uzi sen konsci’!

ne eblas eskapi
ne eblas eskapi
eskapi je la mort’


Crackers are cool (#3)

• we always blast the frame
• and give gaz
• our sounds forlong forstanding
• slide our back down
• music lovehavers
• we have our grounds herefor
• we wanna push people in front of their heads
• that makes us fun, upwell we are not the big downroomers
• but fortrust us
• we’ll not underlet it even to make videos
• what want you more?
• when fresh grips to his bass
• stays no eye dry
• that can we you guarantee
• what will we onput next?
• oh! you burned laundry basket
• we must not overpull the time
• let’s awaydrive with our next piece